For Policymakers

–  “Municipal Food Policy Entrepreneurs: : A preliminary Analysis of how cities and regional districts are involved in food system change” – This is the first national survey of municipal food policy activity conducted in Canada. TEGS Co-Investigator Joanne Bays represented the VFPC on the steering committee of a national municipal food policy group that guided the development of this paper.

Promoting Healthy Eating and Sustainable Local Food in BC: An Action Framework for Public Institutions – Health Authorities, Educational Institutions, Childcare Facilities, and Local Governments.

Center for Ecoliteracy – An incredible source of information and downloadable guides, based in California. We recommend:

– downloadable guides on Rethinking School Lunches

– the Making the Case guide & accompanying Power Point on “show how school meals can help decision makers meet their responsibilities by maximizing opportunities for academic achievement and promoting the health and safety of the students in their care.”

– Sustain Ontario’s Backgrounder on Food Literacy, Food Security, and Local Food Procurement in Ontario’s Schools