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Courses that integrate the TEGS project in their curriculum include:




School Report

The 2010-2011 School Reports documents the work conduct by the nearly 400 UBC undergraduates who participated in the Think&EatGreen@School project in the 2010-2011 school year. It contains summaries of students research findings as to the overall , UBC student activity reports on their work with individual participating schools, student research findings regarding the food systems in participating elementary and secondary schools, as well as UBC course descriptions and a report on the 2011 Summer Institute. Click to view or download the Think & Eat Green @ School 2010-2011 School Report (PDF).

Disclaimer –Schools are dynamic institutions. The information contained in each report is only a snapshot of activities at one particular moment in time and does not necessarily reflect the entirety of activities, perspectives and opinions that exist in a particular school. The information in these reports was created and articulated from an external perspective (undergraduate students) and should not be considered an authoritative or holistic description of the realities that exist in the schools.There is a spectrum of detail and articulation amongst the undergraduate team reports, and the leadership of Think & Eat Green @ School does not necessarily share the views expressed in all of the reports.