LFS 250

LFS 250 Facilitated Workshops in VSB Schools:

Since 2009, university students from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC have been trained to facilitate a 60-minute food system workshop with grade 2-12 students within a specific classroom or with a school club in VSB schools. 

In 2014, we had a record 60 classes for 250 students signed up for these workshops. The majority are for bread-making, with garden planning coming in second, followed by the remaining workshops tied for third. Take a look at their descriptions below!

Workshop Descriptions


Grade Level: Grade 2 – 12

According to Metro Vancouver data, 44% of the materials that end up in our landfills are organic wastes. Composting is a key component to a sustainable food system and schools are ideal locations for experimenting with a variety of methods for turning our food scraps into a usable end product for growing food. One of the most desired soil conditioners on the market are worm castings, the result of having a specific species of worms, Red Wigglers, process organic waste into ‘black gold’. Vermicomposting is ideal for classrooms as these systems are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and can be set up inside, allowing for year round composting.


Garden Planning for a Spring Harvest

Grade Level: Grade 2 – 12

In Vancouver, we are blessed with a mild climate, perfect for growing vegetables in early spring and that can be harvested well before the end of the school year. LFS 250 students will help your classroom discover a wide variety of plants to incorporate into your school garden to help your class plan and prepare for an early harvest.  The workshop will include starting seeds indoors in seed trays with potting mix.


Baking Bread

Grade Level: Grade 2 – 12

Baking bread in a classroom is a great way to get students excited about cooking. LFS 250 students will come to your classroom with all the necessary ingredients to make a simple bread recipe with your students and share some fresh-baked bread. In small groups, everyone will have a chance to touch, feel and taste their way to understanding the process of adding flour, yeast and sugar together to make a fresh loaf of bread.


Tea from the Garden

Grade Level: Grade 4 – 12

Some of the easiest plants to grow in your classroom and on school grounds also make the best teas. This workshop will explore the tastes, histories and comforting properties of common school garden herbs (e.g. rosemary, sage, mint, and thyme). Making tea in a classroom can provide a calming routine to transition between activities and is an easy way to bring plants, the garden and nature into the classroom all year round.


Salad in a Jarsalad2

Grade Level: Grade 2 – 12

This workshop will demonstrate the ease of creating a nutritious and filling salad for a school lunch – one that travels easily and looks beautiful! LFS 250 students will bring in the necessary ingredients to create the salad (e.g. grains, vegetables and dressing) and explore the connection between the garden and healthy eating.


Click here to view recipes & step-by-step instructions on how to build & pack your salad in a jar!